Awesomeness just runs in the family

onight Paula Deen’s Real Women of Philadelphia posted an interview they did with my sister about her cooking style and worst kitchen disaster.  You can check it out here! 

The month of May is shaping up to be a pretty damn good month for the Walker girls.

First, I found out I am in the running as a nominee for Best Parenting Blog over at Nickelodeon’s own Parents’ Connect community website.

 You can click this awesome button and vote for me every day until June 17th!

But then my sister, Caryn, received the news that she is a finalist in Paula Deen’s Real Women of Philadelphia cooking contest.

She gets to go to Savannah, Georgia where she will prepare her dish in front of a live studio audience, Paula Deen herself and a group of judges.

Caryn is one of the finalists in the appetizer competition and she will be making her Sassy Tailgate Sandwiches.

Caryn will be competing against 3 other women and their appetizer recipes.  However, I know for sure that Caryn will win high marks not only for her decadent recipe but because she has a number of very important factors in her favor.

#1-  My sister is hilarious.  She can make even the most crotchety old lady bust a gut by the things that come flying out of my sister’s mouth.

#2-  My sister could sell ice to Eskimos.  Caryn has had a number of successful businesses over the years.  She creates beautiful bedazzled capri’s and Haviana flip flops and she bakes and sells her pies and cakes to a number of local restaurants and diners.  Clearly whatever she lends her talents to takes off like lightening.

#3-  My sister is down to earth.  Caryn is one of the most “real” women I have ever known.  She shoots from the hip and tells it like it is.  Come to think of it…Paula Deen seems to be a lot like that as well.

No matter what the outcome of the cook-off I know that my sister has already won the most important competitions in this life.  The ones that center around being an amazing wife and mother, serving God, and bringing some humor and fun to those of us trying to make it through an otherwise mediocre day.

Basically, my sister rocks.

And I don’t need Paula Deen’s cook-off to prove it.


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