Autism Shoutout Loud And Proud

Today marks the day thousands across the world are participating in the Communication Shutdown by going silent and turning off their Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

At the same time there are those of us who will be stepping into the spotlight to encourage, educate, and answer questions of those who want to learn more about autism. Our hope is that in doing so our combined voices will shatter stereotypes about autism and those affected by it.

There are many others on Twitter who will be joining me in the Autism ShoutOut.  You can follow these hashtags to see what we are saying:


We welcome your re-tweets and we’d love it if you joined in on the conversation!

In addition, there are many bloggers who are writing posts today in support of the Autism ShoutOut and ASDay.

If you have written a blog post for today’s Autism ShoutOut please link it up so we can visit each other and leave comments of encouragement.

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