If we are what we eat I should be dead

If we are what we eat I should be dead.

On Sunday night I watched the documentary Food Inc. for the first time. To say it was enlightening would be an understatement.

I have always been the type of consumer who has blind faith in my government and its agencies.  I believed that if a product is sold, whether it is a medicine or a food item, it has been tested and proven to be safe for consumption.

I could not be more wrong.

Instead it seems the only people the government is looking out for is the large corporations and their interest in making more money faster, easier, and at the expense of our health.

Don’t believe me?  Watch Food, Inc. for yourself and make your own decision.

I know I have.

Its not going to be easy….or cheap.  But, from here on our when my family eats meat its going to come from a certified organic farm with free-range, forage-only, animals for our beef, pork, and poultry.  If this means we eat 1/4 of the meat we used to then so be it.

Our fruits and vegetables?  Those are going to come from local organic farms and I’ll travel a bit further to shop at local farmers’ markets.

Eggs, milk, and cheese?  Same story.

I can’t help but think that this way of eating is the best choice for our family.  Many years ago I used to bake my own bread from scratch every week and while labor intensive I was sure of exactly what went into it and most importantly…what did not.

These choices are not altogether radical to me.  For quite some time I have held this dream of someday living more simply.  Ideally someday I would love to have a home “off the grid”.  While it is somewhat out of the ordinary here in Maryland it is quite commonplace in the Northeast and also in Colorado where I lived for seven years when I was younger.

Solar is sexy!

Living off the grid consists of living self-sufficient thanks to solar, wind, or hydro-power which allows you to remove your home from one or all public utilities.  Imagine the power going out due to a thunderstorm or a blizzard?  You’d still be toasty warm and with electricity power thanks to your solar panels, wind turbine, or a water wheel.

Right now its something of a pipe dream.  Its not cheap to build an ecological house and its nearly impossible to do so where I am living right now.  Still, its something I want for myself, my children, and my planet and so I’ll hold tight to it and take baby steps to making it happen.

But starting today I can make a real difference in my life and that of my family by changing the things I put on our dinner table….and I plan to do just that.