Special Needs Ryan Gosling Part II

I never expected my first Special Needs Ryan Gosling post to go viral.

To be honest I was having a pretty crappy day yesterday between missing the funeral of a very dear friend and being cooped up with Noah who has been out of school all week with another bowel obstruction and my days have been spent pumping him full of Miralax-laden drinks to ensure he doesn’t end up in the ER needing an enema.

So, yeah, REALLY crappy day.


But I saw all the funny “Hey Girl” Ryan Gosling memes floating around Tumblr and Pinterest and it occurred to me that Ryan Gosling might have some pretty damn funny things to say about special needs parenting.

I created the first ten pictures in short order and posted them on my blog and Pinterest.

However, as the post was shared via Facebook and Twitter and hundreds of fellow special needs parents sent me their thanks for giving them a great laugh I realized that maybe Ryan wasn’t done sharing his wit and wisdom with us.

So I made more.










I’m thinking I could easily make this a weekly feature on the blog.  But to do so I need to branch out and cover other special needs topics.  So, please leave me a comment and tell me what *you* think Ryan Gosling has to say about raising kids with special needs!

In fact, I’ll pick the one I like best and feature it next week with a link back to your blog!

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