Special Needs Ryan Gosling Week 4

I am so dang excited to get this Ryan Gosling goodness going. I’m really hoping that more than a few of you are up to the challenge and decided to play along and create your own Special Needs Ryan Gosling posters.

If you did please be sure to include my snazzy button in your post and remind your friends via Twitter and Facebook to join us each week and play along.

Using this week’s photo (which will change from week to week!) I came up with two new posters of Ryan showing me some support as only he can.  ::swoon::

 Oh, yes please! 

Especially for all my fellow special needs Mamas who have kids with food aversions based on color!
Now comes the fun part!!  
If you have made your very own Special Needs Ryan Gosling poster(s) then enter your name and blog address below and we can visit each other’s blogs and have a good laugh.
Be sure to check back often in the days to come because the list may grow as others see our posts and want to join in on the fun.  Also, if you share your blog post on Twitter please add the #SNryangosling hashtag so that it will streamline all the posts together.  
Stay tuned next Wednesday for the new Ryan Gosling photo and link up with me again next Friday!

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