How To Make Matcha Powder From Green Tea Leaves

Why Is Matcha Green Tea So Expensive?

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We drew up a recipe with our new whiteboard paint thinking it would be a fun weekend activity, but now we understand why matcha is so expensive. It’s actually really hard to do at home. Certain products, such as artisan foods or fine wines are usually ridiculously expensive. Matcha could be considered the ‘wine’ amongst teas. Basically, most green teas are just machine picked, and that’s it. No more further processing. This is what makes Matcha different, and more superior. Similar to white tea, Matcha is made of the youngest, finest leaves that were carefully handpicked and grounded slowly to ensure that it retains its nutritional value.

The whole process is quite similar to wine-making, because you have to use the best leaves to ensure optimum quality; then, blend and ground these leaves to achieve the jaded powder that’s filled with wonderful goodness.

Simply put, it needs stringent care to produce these leaves, and only a few are qualified to become matcha. Likewise, only experts could determine if the leaves can be used or not. That’s why Matcha green tea is very expensive. In fact, even in Japan, any decent blend Matcha would cost more or less $25. The more exclusive ones could reach $80 an ounce. If you were successful enough to spot cheap Matcha, then that’s too good to be true.

Cheap matcha powder can easily be produced by simply pulverizing the leaves, and this would take away their nutritional content. On the other hand, top-grade tea are easily distinguished based on its color, taste, and mellow smell.

Fortunately, you don’t have to shell out a lot of cash just to enjoy Matcha’s goodness, because it’s very easy to make one your own, and we’re going to discuss that shortly.

The Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Believe it or not, one serving of Matcha tea is equivalent to 10 cups of regular tea! That means, drinking Matcha allows you to enjoy the entire leaf and receive 100% of its nutrients. Furthermore, it contains 137 times more antioxidants as compared to regular tea.

Aside from that, here are the other benefits you can enjoy from drinking match:

– Improves metabolism
– Rich in antioxidants
– Rich in fiber
– Detoxifies the body
– Provides vitamin C, chromium, selenium, magnesium, and zinc
– Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels

DIY Matcha Powder

You can use a blender to pulverize the green tea leaves. Simply pulse it for 3 seconds, shake a little, rest, and repeat. If the powder seems too course, just grind it up in a bowl using a pestle. Don’t forget to sift the powder, and keep on grinding until it gets very fine. I bought matcha tea to compare and it really turned out quite the same!

How to Make an Authentic Matcha Green Tea

Making a cup of matcha is very easy! Stay away from the instant powder ones, and just buy a traditional bamboo tea whisk.

Simply whisk matcha and hot water vigorously using this, or you can add milk to make the taste more mellow, and that’s it!

Enjoy your tea!