Phenibut For Sleep

Being a single mother is tough, not because you don’t have a helping hand around the house but because the exhaustion can get your mind. Running your mom blog, trying to buy instagram comments while you’re steady grasping for income.

As a single parent trying to juggle office work and the kid’s well-being, are often find myself lying down in bed, failing to fall asleep. The feeling of being tired doesn’t help in any way but makes matters worse.

After trying all the standard sleeping aid foods with no results at all, I came across a post on about how a specific brand of medicines known as “nootropics” is currently a fad in the market. Then I came across Phenibut that changed my life forever.

What Is Phenibut?

Phenibut is essentially a medicine prescribed for the treatment of anxiety and get better sleep. Even though you cannot buy it in the North America as a medicine, it is indeed available in the form of a supplement. This substance works in a way that helps depressed signals coming from the central nervous system.

People who suffer from insomnia often do so due to overbearing anxiety that keeps their brain racing continuously. Phenibut works as an anxiolytic, which suppresses anxiety and helps you, get better sleep at nights. Sure, I had my doubts on the effectiveness of the supplement, so I decided to use myself as a test subject to find out once and for all.

My Findings

At first, I did enough Internet research to find out if Phenibut is indeed useful for treating insomnia or not. After getting enough inputs, I decided to give it a try by starting with minimum dosage. Remember, the effects of this nootropic can last up to 24 hours depending on the dosage.

Typically, a 250 to 500 mg dosage is good enough for minor stress relief and to bring good night’s sleep. People having anxiety may need to take higher dosages to get the same effect. My advice to you would be to begin from the bare minimum and slowly adjust depending on the results.

In my case, I was happy with smaller doses because I do not have anxiety. I used to take around 500 mg of Phenibut two hours before bedtime on an empty stomach. By the time my son was fast asleep, the drowsiness had started to kick in. And within half an hour or so, I was able to fall asleep.

Where Can You Buy This Supplement?

Now, if my little experiment interests you then you’re probably wondering about where you can buy phenibut. Well, this natural sleep aid is sold online by many vendors in the nootropics business. I would, however, recommend that you take your time in researching about sellers because the supplement industry is filled with scammers and cheats.

Phenibut is arguably one of the strongest nootropic available without a prescription. This means you should be very careful with the dosage and preferably get advice from your physician if you are allergic to certain substances.

If you experience any adverse side effects like advanced insomnia, increased heart rate, or breakout of allergy symptoms, I’d suggest you stop immediately and get in touch with a doctor.